Do You Know About the Production Process of Freestanding Acrylic Bath Tub?

86 Published by Kobia 7月 20,2020

freestanding acrylic bath tubs are relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so they are also popular among people. At the same time, acrylic materials can make bathtubs of various shapes and styles, while high-end acrylic bathtubs can be equipped with audio-visual equipment, massage equipment, etc. Therefore, many art bathtubs and massage bathtubs are made of acrylic materials. The following kobia freestanding acrylic bath tub manufacturers have specific answers to this,hope can help more people's understanding and awareness of freestanding acrylic bath tub.

Molding: bath crock, shower chassis, the backboard of the sanitary ware molding usually with chocolate or composite board class plastic plate forming, due to the complexity of the bathtub and the appearance of the product, with deep forming height, with ordinary packaging material the use of materials and machinery are very difficult to meet the technical requirements, so the selection of the appropriate sheet and choose the right equipment is the basis for the excellent ware molding.

Sheet: sanitary ware molding plastic board mainly use pure acrylic (the chemical name of methyl methacrylate) data or ABS composite materials, and the recent development of new thermoplastic materials. For sanitary ware special acrylic plate due to having excellent surface smoothness, the wear resistance of the equivalent of aluminum, not easy to hair brush, easy cleaning, and if there is appearance of accidental scratches, as long as the use of polishing agent can quickly convenient dressing recovery.

Mold: in the actual production, according to the design of sanitary ware molding or sample, design and processing of plastic molding. Aluminum alloy or resin pattern is usually used in plastic mold, long service life of aluminum alloy mold, process characteristics, surface smoothness high, but because of the high cost, long processing cycle, application in the production practice of sanitary ware products by certain restrictions.

Vacuum forming: according to the request to cut sheet metal in plastic molding machine in the furnace heating and softening acrylic sheet general temperature in 180 - degree, composite board general 140-190 degree) softening material by mechanical compaction in the mold, mold sealing conditions, by means of compressed air or vacuum suction blowing up, hot plate tensile deformation, adsorbed on the mold wall depending on the timing start cooling fan sheet metal hard shaping, demoulding, the take out the product.

Sticking: after forming the embryo material, to be carried out to strengthen the resin bonding, the so-called sticking is generally used with unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber composite material in the bottom of the material, so that the formation of products with sufficient strength. Sticking method generally has 2 kinds of mechanical spraying and hand dressing. Mechanical spraying is to use a special gun to glass fiber resin and truncated together spray to clean the bottom surface, and then use the robot or manual roller flattening, the current sanitary ware production most of the cladding mechanical paste way more. After the completion of the application, it is best to put in a constant temperature curing oven in the environment of 4050 degrees Celsius - drying room fully cured, after constant temperature curing products in the future significantly reduced the deformation.

Cutting edge: sticking with the products after curing, began to cut edge cutting, hand cut labor-intensive, quality is difficult to assurance, and on the safe hidden danger of serious.

Drilling: bath and other sanitary ware on the hole, if in a plane, should try to use the machinery for processing, such as drilling, etc.. Nozzle, such as the side of the device hole, can be used for machining center or the robot arm (industrial robot) for processing, but because the equipment is more expensive, at present, most of the manual operation.

Grinding ware hole device to prevent leakage should be grinding, the use of special repair grinding head, sanitary ware on the back of the deposited clay layer grind a ring plane of the device, more conducive to the accessories installation of leak protection, this process can not be ignored.

Support: sanitary ware support wood, plastic, steel and other materials, including stainless steel square tube production more. When the adhesive is applied, the pad block or frame is fixed on the proper position of the product, and the bracket is provided with a screw or a clamp method, and the sanitary ware bracket is good or bad, affecting the user's safety. Therefore, the stent must be made to solid and stable.

Assembly: water parts, electrical appliances should pay attention to water, ensure safe. So far, an freestanding acrylic bath tub completed.