Published by Kobia5月 05,2022

Three Important Preparations For The Baby Spa Wellness In...

We are very happy to hear that our German client is ready to open his second baby spa! This clien...

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Published by Kobia4月 25,2022

Common Maintain Solution And Cleaning Solution Of Baby Ba...

Nowadays, most of the baby jacuzzi are made of acrylic. Acrylic baby bathtub are beautiful, durab...

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Published by Kobia12月 17,2021

What Baby Spa Equipment is Needed to Open a Baby Floating...

More and more entrepreneurs are positioning their entrepreneurial direction in the maternal and c...

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Published by Kobia10月 05,2021

Guider on importing bathroom fittings from China

Guider on importing bathroom fittings from China 1.Importing washbasin from China A washbasin is...

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Published by Kobia8月 17,2021

Can i trust a Chinese Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer?

It’s real difficult to find a reliable sanitary ware factory abroad, facing the thousands of bath...

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Published by Kobia7月 04,2021

How to buy the best smart toilet bidet?

How to buy the best smart toilet bidet? Due to the growing demand of the younger generation purs...

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Published by Kobia6月 22,2021

Beginner’s Guide to open the baby spa

More and more young parents are realizing the benefits of baby massages and hydrotherapy,and bab...

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Published by Kobia5月 24,2021

Are Baby Spas Good for Babies?

According to the baby spa program tailored to thousands of newborn baby case from Netherland, Bel...

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Published by Kobia4月 30,2021

What Kind of Water Heater Could We Choose for a Baby Spa?

Most of the spa owner would meet a problem with the water heater of the building, especial for so...

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Published by Kobia1月 28,2021

How Do I Select a Place for Running a Baby Spa?

To choose a place for running a baby spa that would be very important, a bad location could be de...

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Published by Kobia10月 16,2018

Assembly Instruction

Assembly Instruction We’re extremely proud of our reputation for excellence and many of our clien...

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Published by Kobia10月 11,2018


WARRANTY Most Cobuild products sold are backed by a manufacturer warranty. If you experience prob...

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