Can i trust a Chinese Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer?

368 Published by Kobia 8月 17,2021

It’s real difficult to find a reliable sanitary ware factory abroad, facing the thousands of bathroom fittings manufacturer,how can i find the suitable supplier?


Kobiabath guidelines rules for supplier development is quality, cost, delivery and service.


Quality is the most important,Firstly, it is necessary to confirm whether the supplier has established a solid and virtual quality assurance system, and  whether the sanitary ware supplier has the equipment and process capacity to produce the particular bathroom wares.The second is cost and price, and the use of value engineering system to analyze the products involved, and achieve cost savings through a win-win strategy. According to the long-term development of the enterprise strategy and  crucial competitiveness, Choosing suitable for the enterprise with the corresponding implementation steps and rules.Different companies are different when selecting the supplier. We would like to share one of the story between our colleague Sky and her Europe customer.


“This is my client Chris, from Poland, very young and promising, just 2 years elder than me. I knew him for the first time when we were about to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He sent an inquiry about bathtub faucet on our platform. It was unremarkable. After contacting him, he told me that he would like to place some samples, because the Chinese New Year was approaching. Then he decided to place the order in the next year. When I came back to work during the New Year, I contacted him as soon as possible, and he immediately confirmed the order and placed a sample of more than 10,000 US dollars. Later, before the goods were ready, he came to China . This was our first real meeting. The first time I saw him,  he was really young and cute boy. He came to China for 5 days and spent 3 days in our company. After checking our products, he decided to place a larger order, which was later a 1*40’HQ hardwares, which was more than 100,000 US dollars. This is the amount of part of his order. He has a large exhibition hall and 3 sanitaryware online shops.


bathroom fittings manufacturer

Bathroom Fittings loading


After selling faucets, he made a lot of money and decided to open a new showroom in another place, this is his new showroom.


We hope his business gets better and larger.Any project and dealer inquiry from Europe is welcome to contact them,you can talk to Kobiabath Service Team for Details.

Bathroom Fittings-poland showroom

Short-term criteria for supplier selection proper commodity quality, competitive cost, prompt delivery, excellent Integrated service level (installation service, training service, maintenance service, upgrade service, technical support service etc.Long-term criteria selected by the suppliers whether the supplier's quality management system is substantial, whether the internal machinery and equipment is advanced, whether the supplier's financial situation is stable, the internal organization and management is virtue, and the condition of the supplier's staff is stable, etc.When determining the criteria for selecting the sanitary ware supplier, be sure to consider the short-term and long-term standards, to evaluate the supplier, and finally find the ideal bathroom fittings manufacturer.



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