Common Maintain Solution And Cleaning Solution Of Baby Bathtub

195 Published by Kobia 4月 25,2022

Nowadays, most of the baby jacuzzi are made of acrylic. Acrylic baby bathtub are beautiful, durable, not cracked or deformed, and have a long service life. After understanding how to maintain acrylic baby bathtub, they can be used for about seven or eight years. This is why The reasons for choosing acrylic baby bathtub.


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1.The temperature of the injected water should not exceed 80°C, and the average water temperature should be 50°C. Direct heating in the baby jacuzzi is strictly prohibited.

Generally, the water temperature of the baby jacuzzi will not exceed 37 ℃, so there is no need for the water temperature of the hot water to be too high.

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2.After use, pay attention to bathtub cleaning and regular deodorization.

Clean the baby jacuzzi first, then put milk into it, let the baby jacuzzi fully with the milk, put it for half an hour, then pour out the mil, use the orange peel to deodorize, put the orange peel into the water for three to four hours to remove taste.


3.Never scratch the inside and outside of the acrylic baby jacuzzi with sharp or hard objects to prevent it from affecting the appearance and the overall sturdiness of the bathtub.

If scratches appear accidentally, you can use 2000C water sandpaper to polish, then use toothpaste and soft cloth to polish.


4.It is forbidden for the baby jacuzzi to come into touch with strong corrosive cleaning agents or chemical agents, such as 84, alcohol, decontamination powder, paint, volatile agent, thinner, etc., so as not to corrode the surface of the baby jacuzzi.


5.Routine bathtub cleaning only needs to be cleaned with clean water after draining, which is very convenient and reliable, and the effect is better if it is cleaned frequently.

If possible, it is recommended to use a baby-specific toy disinfectant.


6.For multi-functional Kobia baby spa, we should also pay attention to the safety of power supplies, light bulbs, etc., to prevent contact with open flames or high-temperature items, not only for the maintenance of baby jacuzzi, but also for the safety of babies swimming.


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