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How An Smart Bidet Toilet Benefit To Our Health?

161 Published by Kobia 2月 16,2022

Intelligent bidets are becoming more and more popular, what outstanding features does it have compared to normal toilets? Why many people are willing to spend a higher price on a smart bidet toilet? How does it affect our lives?


smart bidet toilet seat


The smart bidet toilet originated in the United States which was used for medical treatment and elderly care. It was initially equipped with a warm water washing. South Korea, Japanese sanitary ware suppliers continually introduced advanced technology and started producing, increasing various features like heating toilet seat, warm air drying, and sterilization. There are two styles of intelligent bidet in the market, one is integral sensor flush toilet with cleaning, heating, sterilization, etc., the other is high tech toilets seat with different functions.


smart bidet toilet


The bidet washing of the smart toilet uses a vortex rotating bubble wand, which has a water jet therapy and promotes blood circulation, providing a completely shower feeling.

smart bidet toilet seat cover


The water flow&temperature can be adjusted according to personal preference. The smart bidet toilet seat ring is made of antibacterial synthetic materials. It is easier to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases, which prevent cross-infection in frequently contacted parts of daily use.


smart bidet

Toilet paper&wipes are still the main things block the draining system, and toilet paper is used to wipe out water drops but the bacteria still in the skin folds. Intelligent toilet can highly reduce the paper consumption by 87% and lower skin reaches rate. After using the electric bath toilet, it can highly block the source of environmental pollution and bacteria transmission, and protect the health of you and family.


Use the warm water and thermal air of the high tech toilet to wash and dry, stimulate capillaries and promote blood circulation. Long-term use can also decrease constipation, hemorrhoids and other gynecological diseases. At present, many electric toilet bidets have a deodorizing function, the built-in photocatalyst or activated carbon in the toilet to eliminate unpleasant smell. Moreover, the toilet lid will automatically lower the seat and water temperature when it is stopped using for long time, so that it can help us saving power consumption.


smart toilet seat


In the era of increasing smart technological development in daily living, a dazzling smart products have occupied most of the interior design market. Smart bidet toilet have gradually entered more and more bathrooms, become a new trend in pursuit of quality life. A smart toilet seat for those who have already installed a traditional toilet is a wonderful choice as well.

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