What Baby Spa Equipment is Needed to Open a Baby Floating Spa?

163 Published by Kobia 12月 17,2021

More and more entrepreneurs are positioning their entrepreneurial direction in the maternal and child industry, and the baby floating spa shop is currently a very promising project in the maternal and child industry, So many entrepreneurs would definitely want to know what baby spa equipment is needed to open a baby spa shop. Let's talk about them in detail below.


Baby spa bathtub

Acrylic baby bathtub are generally used in professional baby spa shop on the market, and a small number of them use glass fiber reinforced plastic baby tub, fixed steel frame baby tub, inflatable baby tub, etc.

Various types of baby bathtub have small, medium, and large pools with various models, there are round, square, slide and other shapes with rich styles.

Therefore, when the baby is swimming, he can choose the corresponding swimming bathtub according to actual needs. Investors can also have multiple choices in the pool equipment to meet the needs of different consumers.


Baby spa tub baby jacuzzi tub


Baby bath tub

Some baby spa equipped with baby bath tub, most of which are conjoined baby baths, and some are animal-shaped baby baths.

For example, the area of the infant shop is not large enough to accommodate the baby spa bathtub, and you do not want to waste the area of the shop. At this time, you can consider equipped with a baby bath tub, which can make full use of resources on the one hand, and meet the needs of customers on the other hand.


Nursing table

The general design style of the nursing table is the same. It can be used to change the baby's swimming clothes, change the diaper, baby massage, etc. Under the nursing table, you can put the baby's clothes, bath towels, swimming trunks, etc., and the table can be spread when used. Put pure cotton cloth or baby bath towels so that your baby will be more comfortable on it.


Heating equipment

Heating equipment for baby spa shop is often something that investors don't understand, and they are basically divided into:


1. Oil-fired boiler (most commonly used, with fast heating speed, which can meet the needs of large-scale swimming pools with more passenger flow).

2.gas boiler (efficient, clean, environmentally friendly, low fuel cost, but pre-installed pipelines, high conditions and restrictions).

3.electric water heater (safe, convenient, environmentally friendly, temperature can be self-adjusted, but the use cost is higher).

4.Air energy hot water unit (energy saving, but covers a large area and has a large impact on environmental factors).


Baby spa floats

There are many styles of baby swimming ring, including neck floats, sitting floats, arm floats, armpit floats, etc. Every baby must be equipped with a corresponding special baby swimming ring when swimming in the baby swimming pool, because safety is the first priority.

Baby Spa Floatie Baby floats



Disinfecting towel cabinet

When choosing a towel disinfection cabinet, be sure to choose a special disinfection cabinet with high temperature disinfection function, because the baby's body is relatively delicate and relatively low in resistance, so hygiene is also very important.

Therefore, it is recommended that investors choose the appropriate baby spa equipment according to the area, location, and store situation.

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