Beginner’s Guide to open the baby spa

445 Published by Kobia 6月 22,2021

More and more young parents are realizing the benefits of baby massages and hydrotherapy,and babies products market is expected to a promising future over the next decade due to growing demand from young parents who pursue high-end lifestyles,meanwhile moms and dads are looking for a place where they could relax somewhere with the baby. But you noticed that such places were far and limited. In fact,"The global spa services market size is projected to reach $133.28billion by 2027"---by FORTUNE BUSINESS INSIGHTS

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What do you need to know if you are going to start a baby spa and what's the main points need to consider as a baby spa beginner?

1. Worry-free starting from site selection

Baby massage not only provides a better bond with the parent, but can also provide relief from complaints such as colic, reflux and overstretching. baby floating spa have become a basic need just like moms make facial masks regularly. The best locations are available: near hospitals, kindergartens, gated communities, early childhood education centers, supermarkets, maternal and child care specialist, amusement parks, cultural palaces, etc., as long as there are places where young parents pass by,which have greatly reduced the risk of investment in site selection.

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2.Choose pool equipment with ease

Baby spa tub are the main equipment required for the operation of baby swimming pool. Baby spa bathtub of different sizes and styles can be customized according to the needs of franchisees. It takes a thorough market research to determine which sector is more suitable for your baby spa, a suitable number of baby spa tubs according to the size and layout of your own store.But you must be able to fix a minium of three baby spa bath tubs in it to make your float business profitable. You can purchase baby spa bath tub from dealers on behalf of Kobiabath Manufacturer, especial in Netherlands and Belgium, we kobiabath teams are the only supplier you can rely on.As a wholesale supplier of baby spa tub we are liable for product liability.

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3.Professional Trainning Courses&baby spa Franchise

It is necessary to recruit experienced staffs or receive systematic infant swimming training before taking up the job. Actually most of the owners of the baby spa we worked with are nurses and midwifes, baby massage techniques and first aid certification is sufficient for baby spa.

4.Initial Investment with Reasonable Expenses

There are shop rent,decoration, relevant equipment costs (water heater&filters, disinfection cabinet, etc.);But you will be able to apply bank loan and part of the investment is pre-financed.Other supporting facilities include neck floats,waterproof swimming diapers, nursing tabletop, butt cream, pine pollen, paper towels, etc.

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5.No concerns about operating off-season

The indoor constant temperature environment throughout the year is also equipped with air purification treatment. No matter how many babies and parents are accommodated in the swimming pool at the same time, they can ensure clean and fresh air and the appropriate temperature for the baby to swim. This is the guarantee of the source of customers.

6. Promotion is an essential Part.

Handing out leaflets, putting up posters, as well as media&network propaganda, many baby spas are now cooperating with kindergartens, sponsoring school activities to make a name for their stores. Increase the popularity of the market by giving free gifts with brands printed on them. Invite mothers-to-be or new mothers to come to the store for free lectures, explain how to take care of the baby, popularize the advantages of regular swimming for toddler etc.


7.Cleaning and safety circumstances

Due to the weak immunity of newborns and babies, operators must ensure the sanitation of the premises. In addition to changing the pool water on time, they must also perform disinfection work. For example, when parents enter the store, they must wash their hands and disinfect. If the store space is large enough, it is best to set up a parent rest area and children's play area, so that it can also be used to pass the time when waiting in line.

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8.Popular concept of water treatment

Young mothers born in the 80s and 90s pay more attention to improve the brain development and physical fitness of sweetheart. Therefore, the professional early water trainning of hydrotherapy has opened up a new chapter in the infant baby wellness market, which has virtually contributed to our infant swimming pool project.

To make it more attractive, it can really be said that there are unlimited business opportunities! However, working with the right manufacturer can make things significantly efforless and it may be worth spending some money to save time and reduce the difficulty of entering a large spa market.Kobiabath teams to support you in setting up a successful baby spa that has proven to be successful and the growing demand is booming.

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