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How to choose the best kitchen faucet?

431 Published by Kobia 7 月 02,2021

How to choose the best kitchen faucet?

Facing the trivialities and messy of kitchen life,Kobia kitchen faucet not only focus on the beauty and design,but also pays much attention to the functions and quality, so how to selection a suitable kitchen faucet to improve work efficiency and cleaning kitchen space.

how to choose a kitchen faucet


Different from bathroom faucets, function is an important factor for purchasing kitchen faucets. There are avanced options for kitchen faucets, hot and cold water, stretchability, filtering, touch control, etc.

Hot and cold water

It's popular to use kitchen faucet with cold water only in Eastsouth Asia. But in the cold country a kitchen mixer is necessory,a standard function of a qualified kitchen faucet can reduce so much trouble, especially in winter, you have to boil water. After installing the hot and cold faucet, the hot water can be used immediately, and the dishes will not be frozen in winter.

Pull down

A drop-down kitchen faucet is the right solution to expand the cleaning range, especially the double sink used in the kitchen, and a variety of silicone nozzle options adapt to what a kitchen life needs.

Brass Kitchen Tap

Pull Out

The pull-out faucet can have a larger refreshing area and reduce cleaning troubles.For ease of use, the spout of kitchen faucet is flexible with long hose. Most of the kitchen pull out faucets with dual mode spraye,it's easy to rotate the body of the faucet left or right, which is convenient for cleaning to all corners of the sink. The disadvantage is that it is being pulled out. One hand must be free to hold the faucet. Some faucets can rotate 360° up and down.

Pull out kitchen faucet


The waterstrame and temperature are adjusted by a lever,it's a minimalistic touch in the kitchen,kobia kitchen faucet manufacturer have a varienty of antique and comtemporary styles.

Good quality kitchen faucetkitchen sink water faucet


The bridge faucet is a antique interpretation design,it can be wall mount or deck mount,normally the bridge kitchen faucet is equuipped with a dual handles, and there is a long swing gooseneck nozzle in traditional or modern type.


The introduction of sensor is really efforless for kitchen life. When cooking or washing dishes, you don't need to manually switch the faucet with oily or soap hand.

sensor kitchen faucet


Some kitchen faucets have a filtering function and generally larger in appearance in Asia, but there are also designs that separate the filter element and the faucet.


This kind of kitchen mixer tap is usually equipped with a touch screen, which can adjust the flow rate and temperature and even check the water quality.

digital display

LED light

When many household appliances are equipped with lights, how can the kitchen faucet be missing? However, LED lights are purely for decorative purposes,considering that people are pursuing spiritual enjoyment nowadays.

2 Appearance

A elegant kitchen faucet will make the sink and the entire kitchen a new touch, and the key factor that determines the beauty of a kitchen faucet is not only the overall shape, but also its Finish.


Usually households use stainless steel sinks in kitchens. a chrome-plated faucet is the first choice, because chromium can bring a shiny appearance to the faucet.

Man- made rock

Some kitchen faucets will use artificial marble or granite on the surface.The kitchen mixer generally have more color matching and warmer feeling, which are deeply popular by young people.


PVD is vacuum dry plating, which is an environmentally friendly and non-fading surface color treatment, so it can be coated with various colors on the faucet,new trendy colors are matt black,gunmetal,brush gold and rose gold etc.

Oiled Brush Bronze

If you use a copper sink in your kitchen, you can choose a classic faucet with an oiled bronze surface.


The surface treatment technology developed in traditional electroplating can produce multiple texture effects such as straight grain, chaotic grain, thread, and spiral grain.

Carbon Fiber woven

The faucets made from carbon fiber material and woven crafted by hand. 10X stronger and 5X lighter than steel, carbon fiber has a delicate texture.and it's a new appeal to the interior designers.


Generally, consumers only look at the appearance and function when buying a kitchen faucet, but if you must consider the material.


At present, most kitchen faucets on the market use copper as the main material. Copper contains copper ions, which can prevent bacteria from growing inside the faucet. But copper will grow patina. If the surface treatment is poor, the coating on the outside may peel off after a long it's much important to choose the qualified supplier with strict finish treatment.

Copper faucet materials include national standard copper, non-standard copper, lead-free copper, H63 copper, H65 copper, DR copper, 4MS copper and so on.

National standard copper:

The copper material used in accordance with the national standard "GB 18145-2014 Ceramic Sheet Sealing Faucet" has hard regulations on the precipitation of metal contaminants. The national standard copper is generally Hpb59 copper (with a copper content greater than or equal to 59%), which is used by leading exporters to most European countries.

Lead-free copper

Lead-free copper is not really lead-free, but means that the lead content is less than three thousandths. The current North American standard CUPC stipulates that the lead content of faucet products is not more than 0.25%.

H63, H65 copper:

Copper materials with a copper content greater than or equal to 63% and 65%. This kind of copper is relatively soft and is generally used to process parts with large deformations such as elbows.

DR copper

The faucet used for export to Australia and New Zealand has high salt content in the water in these two areas, so this special copper is needed to prevent the precipitation of zinc.

4MS copper:

Copper used for drinking water faucets in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Stainless steel

Except copper faucets, stainless steel faucets are very common, especially in the field of kitchen faucets. This type of faucet must be made of SUS304 stainless steel. The advantage is that it does not contain lead and does not rust, but it also needs maintenance. It must be wiped frequently to keep it dry. In addition,the design is limited due to the difficulty of stainless steel processing.

Brushed Nickel Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

4 Detail

The kitchen faucet looks simple, but there are extra parts and the structure should not be overlooked.


The water outlet effect of the faucet is mainly determined by the areator,kobia kitchen faucets are using swiss neopeal. A good areator can bring excellent water output effect, which not only soft stream but also water-saving and non-splashing.

Surface treatment

The surface treatment determines the life of the faucet. Delicated treatment makes the surface of the faucet smooth and clean, and it is corrosion and fading resistant after long-term use; poor treatment makes the surface appear uneven, sometimes there are welding marks, resulting in white or yellow spots. It will peel off.

Inlet hose

The outlet pipe can be stretched, and some can be rotated 360 degrees, so pay attention to the feel of the outlet pipe when purchasing. The best 304 stainless steel hose is flexible and longevity.


The Sedal and Kros cartridge of have been used for kobia kitchen faucet generally.

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