8 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Freestanding Tub Faucet

775 Published by Kobia 4月 10,2019

8 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Freestanding Tub Faucet for Your Bathroom

Concentrating on the big items, such as the bath, shower, basin and toilet, as well as the overall decor in the bathroom, is a matter of priority. But don't forget, when there is a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom, a perfect freestanding tub faucet can add the finishing touch to the look you are trying to achieve. However choosing the perfect freestanding tub faucet to suit your bathtub and bathroom style isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you may think.

How do you know if you are making the right choice?

We’ve put together our top tips for making sure you get your bathroom design absolutely spot on. For the perfect finishing touches, take a look at our 8 top tips for choosing perfect freestanding tub faucet for your bathroom.

.Stick with your bathroom style
If you are giving your bathroom an overhaul you will have an overall style in mind. Stick to the brief. Don’t add a vintage twist because you love the faucets if they don’t really fit in with your theme. If your bath and bathroom are contemporary in style, then it’s best to stick to a similar style with perfect freestanding tub faucet. Whether you go for vintage style, retro or ultra-modern taps, make sure they blend with the overall style and don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

perfect freestanding tub faucet

.The right size
It may seem obvious, but faucets come in all sorts of sizes. Be sure to check faucets appropriately fit bathtub. If your bathtub is luxuriously large, dainty small faucets will look out of place. Likewise, an overstated waterfall tap could look odd hovering over a dainty small tub.

.Check out your water pressure
Good water pressure is especially important for bath-shower mixer faucets to ensure a good showering experience. There’s nothing more disappointing than a feeble, dribbling shower. Even without the shower attachment, mixer tub faucets work better with good water pressure, so be sure to find out which tub faucets are suitable before you buy. Bath filler taps and attractive waterfall filler taps work sufficiently well with low water pressure.

.Most homes choose a mixer Perfect Freestanding tub faucet
Mixer tub faucets combine the hot and cold water in the body of the tap and have both a hot and cold handle to regulate the flow of each. Dual flow tub faucets also provide a single outlet of water, but the hot and cold stay separate in the tap body. This prevents an uneven pressure building between the hot and cold water sources, and is a great alternative if you have an uneven pressure between the hot and cold water supply.

chrome plated freestanding tub faucet

.Deck mounted, wall mounted or freestanding tub faucet?
Deck mounted taps have holes drilled into the bath rim, with partially exposed pipes. This means there is some additional surface for cleaning, but this also offers easy access for repairs. Wall mounted taps are popular in modern bathrooms If you are following the latest interior design trends. If you want a freestanding bath in the middle of the bathroom, you’ll need stylish freestanding tub faucet.

.A finish to match accessories
Most bathroom perfect freestanding tub faucet. tend to be brass with a chrome finish, but other finishes, such as gold plating are also available. Consider your other bathroom items, such as the towel rail and toilet roll holder, and match the finish accordingly to bring a balanced sense of style to the bathroom space. Nickel plated faucets are a great match for gold coloured accessories, while faucets with an oil-rubbed bronze finish are perfect in rustic bathrooms.

brushed nickel freestanding tub faucet

.Consider ease of use
Family bathrooms need to be designed with the whole family in mind. Faucets that are easy to use are definitely of benefit to the younger and more elderly members of the family. Whatever your household demographics, you’ll want quality faucets that work with precision.

.Consider thermostatic faucets
Thermostatic perfect freestanding tub faucet maintain water temperature at a safe pre-set temperature. It’s worth considering thermostatic perfect freestanding tub faucet if there’s a danger of children or elderly members of the family scalding themselves. Thermostatic freestanding tub faucets are the perfect choice for the safety conscious family.

We hope our tips are useful. Good luck choosing your perfect freestanding tub faucet!

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