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A Wonderful Badminton Match on 12th, Apr, 2018

834 Published by Kobia 4 月 19,2018

Under the company’s organization, Kobiabath sales team conducted a wonderful badminton match at Foshan “WOSAIER” badminton court on12th, Apr, 2018.


Endless swimming pool


As we all know, exercise is good for health, so it is undoubtedly a meaningful event.Paying badminton can increase energy consumption.The total energy consumption and duration of badminton play an important role. The energy consumed by the human body during exercise can be several to several dozen times that of sitting still. Studies have shown that long-term regular exercise can increase the basal metabolic rate in a quiet state.


In addition, playing badminton not only promotes lipolysis, reduces its synthesis, but also promotes collaboration and friendship among colleagues.

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