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What Should We Pay Attention to When Decorating the Baby Spa?

181 Published by Kobia 12 月 28,2021

When the baby swimming spa is established, it also needs to meet certain requirements of the baby spa environment. As an emerging industry, many investors have begun to pay attention to the baby floating spa. However, since the decoration of the baby floating hot spring involves baby health, water supply, etc., it is difficult to elaborate. Investors are sometimes at a loss when dealing with problems. Kobia Bath will explain to you in detail what we should pay attention to in spa decoration.



1. Baby spa drainage, water supply pipes, water heaters and power distribution.

Since baby swimming spa generally have 3-4 baby spa tubs and living shower tubs in infected and non-infected areas, the amount of hot water that needs to be supplied is large, it is best to choose fast hot water equipment, ordinary electric water heaters or volumetric electric water heaters are too late to supply dozens tons of hot water every day. Fast hot water equipment has the advantages of very fast water output (hot water output in 1 minute), good safety performance, and not affected by low water pressure and power outages.

Due to the high humidity in the baby floating spa, the wires of the baby spa should be buried. All metal parts and devices should be grounded. The lights and water heaters must be wired to sockets with fuse cables, and try to stay away from the baby jacuzzi tub.


baby swimming spa


2. The smell of baby swimming spa.

Put some pure natural essences in the baby bath to stimulate the happy mood of the newborn, and it also strengthens the comprehensive stimulation of vision, hearing, touch and smell when the newborn is swimming. Wear the same sachet each time and change the fragrance after 3-4 weeks. For babies with rhinitis or allergies to smells, certain measures must be taken, and they can be separated into a small room.



3. Baby swimming spa interior decoration and music requirements.

Newborns and babies 4 months ago have hypoplasia of vision cells, and their favorite colors are black and white. The main color of baby hot spring decoration should be black and white to form an atmosphere of synchronized visual stimulation. Hang some world-famous paintings on the white wall to adjust the color and make them feel comfortable. Therefore, curtains can be designed in bright yellow, red and green. But the colors should not be too mixed. Throughout the swimming process, the background music should be slow and soft, preferably soft classical piano music. Therefore, the baby swimming pool is best equipped with a full set of broadcasting facilities.



4.Indoor temperature and humidity requirements for baby floating spa

Newborn spa need to maintain a constant temperature, and newborn babies’ heat generation and heat dissipation functions are worse than older children and adults. As the season changes, the temperature will also change. The indoor temperature of the baby bathtub needs to be kept at a suitable temperature. It can make babies not feel overheated or cold when they are swimming. Generally, the temperature is controlled between 25 degrees and 26 degrees to ensure that newborns will not catch a cold during massage and bathing. Maintaining a certain humidity in the baby tub can increase the thermal conductivity of the air. The relative humidity in the baby spa should not exceed 75%. The most suitable environmental humidity for newborns is 50% to 60%. The environmental requirements of baby spa must be strictly based on the different physical conditions and ages of different babies, and a suitable water temperature is also required. Only the temperature of water suitable for babies to swim is the most important. So this point also needs people to pay attention to it.


5.Ventilation and disinfection of baby swimming spa

The decoration of baby spa is damp and tightly sealed, which often produces mildew stains and peculiar smells. Therefore, good ventilation conditions are required, and special ventilation facilities are required to frequently remove moisture and unclean air and change into fresh air. Small electrical appliances such as hair dryers should be installed far away from the baby spa pool, in case the electrical appliances that are activated fall off and cause a fatal hazard.


Disinfection is more important. Especially for babies, because there are many babies swimming in the baby sap bathtub. Therefore, only better disinfection can ensure the cleanliness of the environment, so as to ensure that children will not be infected by the surrounding environment.


A long-term successful and qualified baby tub should pay more attention to details in the decoration of the baby tub. For example, the indoor color matching is lively, the wall surface should be moisture-proof, the ground must be made of non-slip floor tiles or better non-slip materials, and the ground treatment is not good. If the service staff may fall and hurt the baby at any time, design with reference to more excellent baby tub decoration pictures, which will make your baby spa stand out.


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