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4 Step to Help You Find a Reliable Supplier from China (02)

181 Published by Kobia 1月 07,2022

Supplier summary website

If you think it’s too time-consuming to find a hotel manufacturer or supplier’s website, you can use a supplier’s summary website, such as go4WorldBusiness, Foreign Trade State (


You can find bathroom fittings suppliers on these websites and get their contact information. First of all, you can enter the company name, product, HS code you want to query in the search box and click the search button to find a lot of transaction information. Second, you can write a development letter (email) with detailed requirements to contact the relevant supplier, and the supplier will reply to you after receiving it.


Either way, you need to be cautious before completing any transaction. If you are dealing with a seller at this time, and you think the goods the seller sells are what you need, you must do this, without exception:


Ask the seller to provide the seller’s information and then talk to them. Insist on using banking tools that protect the interests of buyers, such as: letter of credit payment (refers to a written certificate issued by the bank to the seller to guarantee the payment of the goods at the request of the buyer.) For small orders, please use PayPal ( Third-party payment platform) payment. Do not use Western Union (Western Union), MoneyGram (MoneyGram) and other such dangerous remittance methods. The seller company is required to provide its registration certificate, export license and product-related certification (English copy). If the seller is genuine, they will not mind providing these documents to you for verification.


For transactions near the embassy in your country, please check the background of the supplier by the embassy. This step is mandatory. You can also check and verify other things, such as the website created by the supplier, the registrant's email address, year, operator, etc. If you receive an e-mail from a supplier, please use your computer to find the IP address of the e-mail, check the e-mail header to confirm the country where he is actually from, and whether the country and IP address on the e-mail are the same.


If everything is normal and the goods you ordered are of great value, you can still choose to visit the country/region where the supplier is located. You can see the scale of the supplier most directly, the production equipment is not advanced, the production speed, the proficiency of the workers, you can also check the manufacturing facilities to ensure the quality of the products you buy.


Trade data

Trade data is a collective term for bills of lading and customs declaration data. Through these necessary import and export documents, you can intuitively understand the purchaser, supplier and detailed cargo information of each imported goods. And this information is an indispensable tool and data support for facilitating international trade.


bathroom fittings supplier


The third way to find suppliers and manufacturers is by purchasing import and export data from companies that sell their products. Some trade data service providers collect this type of data from ports in different countries, aggregate it and sell it to companies that need it. Foreign Trade State is one of the companies providing such data. In most cases, this data will not include the supplier’s direct phone number or email address. Therefore, you will have to spend more time searching for them on Google, which is the way to find reliable suppliers. However, these trade data service providers are very experienced in this regard.


Participate in the exhibition

Even though countries all over the world are moving towards the direction of online trading, nothing can compare to face-to-face communication with potential suppliers. At the exhibition, you can touch and experience the faucets with your own hands. Therefore, the exhibition is still an important part of purchasing products. If the purchase is a high-tech faucets, then the value of this product is very high. How to establish contact with the seller is absolutely very important, because it adds a lot of value to communicating with the seller and building trust and conducting business. If any city has opened a trade show, then buyers should not miss the exhibition and the opportunity to establish contacts with new faucets suppliers.


bathroom fittings supplier


All in all, it is neither easy nor simple to find high-quality and reliable faucets suppliers. You need patience, hard work and a systematic approach. By sourcing high-quality, low-cost products from manufacturing centers and selling them in the local market for substantial profits, you will surely make a lot of money.

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