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Published by Kobia8月 24,2020

KOBIA Oval Freestanding Bathtub

This KOBIA design is one of the best rated oval freestanding bathtub on the market that delivers ...

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Published by Kobia8月 14,2020

The Future Development Trend of Smart Faucets

When it comes to smart devices, kitchens and bathrooms are usually not noticed first, smart fauce...

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Published by Kobia8月 13,2020

What Are The Considerations When Buying a Freestanding So...

If you wish to replace your old bathtub or renovate your existing bathroom from scratch, you can ...

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Published by Kobia8月 11,2020

What’s The Development Trend Of The Sanitary Indust...

Low carbon and energy saving is the development trend of the sanitary industry. Energy conservati...

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Published by Kobia8月 04,2020

KOBIA Newest Industrial Design Basin Faucet for You

Wash basins, bathrooms... faucets can be seen everywhere in every household, and the faucets are ...

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Published by Kobia8月 01,2020

How to Clean and Maintain Acrylic Soaking Bath Tub Correc...

1. Clean weekly When cleaning the acrylic soaking bath tub, use a sponge or fl...

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Published by Kobia7月 30,2020

How to Choose a Good Quality Bathroom Basin Faucet?

Bathroom faucet is one of the important items in every family, it affects our lives. A good fauce...

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Published by Kobia7月 28,2020

How Much Do You Know About the Corian Solid Surface Bath ...

The corian solid surface bath tub, originated in Italy, is called a cast bathtub or a handmade ba...

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Published by Kobia7月 20,2020

Do You Know About the Production Process of Freestanding ...

freestanding acrylic bath tubs are relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so they...

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Published by Kobia7月 15,2020

Acrylic Bath Tub and Ceramic Bath Which is Good?

Acrylic bathtub: the official name of acrylic bath tub is glass fiber reinforced plastic tubs. Th...

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Published by Kobia7月 02,2020

Does Your Home Really Have a Healthy Bathroom Wash Basin ...

I don’t know if everyone notices a problem: As long as the water needs to be used in the home, th...

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Published by Kobia6月 29,2020

What Bathtub Should be Chosen for Small Bathroom?

It still depends on the size of your bathroom shower area~   Everyone thinks that the freest...

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