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Chapter1: What are the Precautions for Using a Floor-standing Bathtub Faucet?

794 Published by Kobia 5月 11,2019

What are the Precautions for Using a Floor-standing Bathtub Faucet?

When decorating a home bathroom, many people choose to wear a comfortable floor-standing bathtub faucet. Because it not only looks like a grade, but also is  comfortable like a shower.

  • Before using the floor-standing bathtub faucet, we should first understand what types of drop-top bathtub faucets are available.Single-connected floor-standing bathtub faucet means one in and one out, directly connected to one of the hot and cold water pipes. For example, a single cold basin faucet.

floor mounted bath taps

  • Double-connected floor-standing bathtub faucet refers to two in and one out, mixed faucet, connecting two hot water pipes.Basin faucets or kitchen faucet mixed with hot and cold water.

floor mounted bath taps

  • Three-way floor standing bath tub faucet refers to two in and two outlets. In addition to the two inlet pipes for hot and cold water, it can also be connected to shower heads, mainly used for shower faucets and floor standing bath tub faucet.

floor mounted bath taps

Introduced the type of floor standing bath tub faucet, let us see the use of precautions.

1.  Pay attention to cleaning impurities during installation: thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities in the pipeline when installing the floor-standing bathtub faucet, so as to avoid damage, jamming, blockage and leakage of the valve core, and also clean the surface so that it does not leave any residue of building materials.  Chapter 2





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