Jacuzzi Baby Spa is Booming in Netherlands!

777 Published by Kobia 6月 20,2019

On the evening of March 20th, we received an emergency call from our Netherlands customer, he said that he want to buy Jacuzzi  Children Bathtub to for his upcoming new baby spa company. Although he has already searched many shops on the website, our children bathtub is what he really wants.

children bathtub

In order to facilitate further communication, we got the contact information of customer's whatsapp by phone. The customer was hoping to purchase our k-531 children bathtub and requested for more details, such as functions, shipping costs, delivery time. We responded the questions one by one, after we immediately checked the best shipping rates and sent our quotation for him, he decided to place the order soon. Besides, we communicated happily throughout the process.

thermostatic baby spa bathtub

thermostatic baby spa bathtub

After receiving the children bathtub happily, the customer share us photos with gratitude. And he is planning to place a second order with us.

thermostatic baby spa bathtub

Plan well, fast action. Every effort is rewarded. Now, we see a beautiful baby spa is booming!

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