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Do you Know the Working Principle, Material and Valve core of Kitchen Faucet?

664 Published by Kobia 12月 02,2020

kitchen sink water faucet can be described as the absolute C position in kitchen hardware. Many people are confused about how to buy kitchen sink water faucet, and there are very few related articles for reference in the station, so the host will start with the purchase of kitchen sink water faucet.


1. Internal structure

The structure of the kitchen sink water faucet is mainly composed of three parts, namely the main body, the valve core and the surface. If you take a car analogy, then the main body is the chassis, the valve core is the engine, and the surface is painted. The combination of the three forms the bucket principle. Simply put, if one of the three is short, the overall quality of the faucet will be lowered.


2.Working principle

After understanding the structure of the kitchen sink water faucet, the working principle is easier to understand. After rotating the handle, the water flow will flow to the valve core along the pipe of the valve body, and the water flow will pass through the water when the valve core is opened. At this time, if the material of the valve body contains some heavy metals, the original water quality will be contaminated; and if the valve core parts are not closely matched, it will cause long-term headaches and annoyance of leaking water.


3. Faucet material

The faucet material is the place where the most pits are buried. Common materials on the market include copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. Among them, copper has stable chemical properties and anti-rust and anti-corrosion characteristics, and copper faucets are the best. But the copper here is not 100% pure copper, most of it refers to copper alloys. Because of the high cost of copper, the price of the finished product is also high. The product that claims dozens of dollars to be an all-copper leader can be avoided directly.


4. valve core
The engine is the heart of the car, and the valve core is also the heart of the faucet. There are three common valve cores on the market, namely ceramic valve core, stainless steel valve core, and ball type valve core. Some regular brands will clearly indicate the spool brand used in the product, and most of the ambiguities are the most cost-effective ceramic spool. Generally speaking, the spool used by the first-tier brands is the Spanish circuit Sedal

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