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What Do We Need to Pay Attention to When Bathing a Baby?

583 Published by Kobia 10月 23,2020

A number of advantages of floating in bubbling baby spa tub are, it promotes the sleep rhythm and calms babies, has a positive effect on digestion and the intensity of colic. But there are 3 situations in which it is not suitable to bathe your newborn baby. I would rather not wash it than harm the baby.


1. You should not take a bath right after feeding. because the baby's stomach is in a dilated state, taking a bath immediately can easily cause vomiting. So bathing in bathtub should usually be carried out 1-2 hours after feeding.


bubbling baby spa tub


2. Do not bathe your baby into bubbling baby spa tub immediately after the vaccination; bathing will easily contaminate the invisible pinholes, so you need to protect the pinholes with bandage.

3. It is not recommended to take a bath within 48 hours of fever. When a person's body temperature rises to 38°C, the body's calorie consumption can increase by 20%, and the body is relatively weak. Taking a bath in bubbling baby spa tub immediately can easily cause another fever.

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bubbling baby spa tub


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