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Another Baby Spa Opened in Europe, Congratulations!

571 Published by Kobia 8月 25,2020

One more European client just received 6 freestanding baby spa tub that he ordered from us. This client not only need the freestanding baby spa tub for their childcare shop. In fact, after he browse all of our successful freestanding baby spa tub case, he decided to be our agent and helped other people to start their own baby spa in their country.


freestanding baby spa tub

So far , we have successfully helped more than 100 clients to open their own baby spa studio in Europe , North America and Asia.

We are happy that there are more baby wellness studio opened in the world to create more healthy and natural environment for babies.


freestanding baby spa tub


Pampering isn't just for adults: little ones can now take part in a day of relaxation at baby wellness studio.


It's a natural environment for them, it makes the little ones feel like they are back in the womb. The babies wear comfortable neck floats and swim around in 95 ℉ water.


The babies were brought to the floating stations here where there will be instructors fit them for a float and lower them into the tub. It takes them a minute and once they realize, they can start moving weightlessly, they take off


Some feedback from the baby parents “ After taking the float , the little ones get better motor skills, better sleep and sometimes experience better digestion”

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