Where to Buy Ergonomic Corian Solid Surface Bathtub?

463 Published by Kobia 8月 26,2020

Do you want to customize the corian solid surface bathtub? Or do you have a better design? you soon find out!


This relaxed, ergonomic corian solid surface bathtub is perfect for unbeatable relaxation. The solid, matte surface material offers a velvety consistency that’s very pleasurable to the touch and is seamlessly combined with its prominent freestanding structure.


Ergonomic Corian Solid Surface Bathtub


Alongside its compact, space-saving design, this ergonomic corian solid surface bathtub is substantially larger and boasts of a first-class interior space analogous to regular large 6.5-feet acrylic bathtubs. This ergonomic corian solid surface bathtub is exceptionally deep and there is enough room for a maximum of two people to experience a faultless complete-body immersion.


This KOBIA Matte ergonomic corian solid surface bathtub is easy to wash-down, heavy-duty, and scratch resistant, which is sufficient enough for daily use. This glossy white tub is constructed from corian thus permitting unmatched heat retention, its color will not fade, as well as delivering an ultra-modern performance that conforms to environmental standards.


Product Summary:
1.Eye-catching chic modern-day design
2.Solid, all-in-one structure for wellbeing and durability
3.Exceptional depth for full-body immersion
4.Ergonomic design shapes the body’s shape for supreme comfort
5.Fast and easy installation processes





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