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What Kinds of Concealed Bathroom Shower Mixer Taps can be Divided Into?

917 Published by Kobia 6月 01,2019

The water supply pipe of the Concealed bathroom shower mixer taps is pre-embedded in the wall in the dark, and the Concealed bathroom shower mixer taps is the pre-advanced buried water in the wall. Only the shower head and switch are exposed. Concealed showers only have shower heads and switches on the outside, which look simple and beautiful, and do not take up the outside of the bathroom.

There are three types of concealed bathroom shower mixer taps

Class A: Single control mixing valve concealed bathroom shower mixer taps
It is good for adjusting water, suitable for the elderly and children.
The single-control mixed-water concealed bathroom shower mixer taps refers to a hidden shower with only one water valve to control the water temperature. One of the embedded parts is a water valve, and then the water outlet is connected.

Concealed bathroom shower mixer taps

The biggest advantage of a single-control concealed bathroom shower mixer taps is that the control valve can be installed anywhere in the space.
Advantages: It is easy to control the amount of hot and cold water, water output, and relative water saving.
The hidden construction difficulty index is low. The pipeline behind the water pipe is also relatively simple, and subsequent maintenance is easier.

Class B: Multi-control mixing valve concealed bathroom shower mixer taps

In terms of installation methods, there are two types.
One is separate for the monomer: Pre-embedded shower mixer taps controlled by three or more control valves, which are typically hand-held and top-sprayed, each with a separate control valve.

The control valve is generally a one-piece embedded part, not a single pre-buried, but the control panel is separately installed. The difference from a concealed bathroom shower mixer taps with a pre-embedded box is that there is no pre-embedded box.
The effect of this type of pre-embedded shower is more fashionable, and the value is not said. Extremely simple, very tall, if you choose the right combination of materials, the effect will be very good, such as the picture above is the effect of gold-plated with white marble.

Concealed bathroom shower mixer taps

Another one with concealed pre-embedded box shower mixer taps

Since it comes with a pre-embedded box, there must be a decorative panel. The difference from the former is that the former is an embedded part. This model adds a vest to the embedded part and becomes a pre-embedded box. Pre-buried.
It is simpler to install and operate. After the embedded box is pre-buried, after the tile is laid, the cover is covered with decoration, then the valve and the tap are installed, the construction operation is simpler, and the decorative panel is used to cover the embedded box. Opening.

Class c: concealed bathroom shower mixer taps with side spray function

This type of calculation is the top-level configuration of the concealed bathroom shower mixer taps, not only with the embedded box, but also with multiple valve core functions, it is very complicated, it is called hidden top!

Concealed bathroom shower mixer taps

It should be noted that the height of the side spout can be adjusted according to the height. If the construction is carried out according to the European standard, the side sprinkler may be higher in height.

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