What are the Advantages and Installation Methods of Exposed Pipe Shower System?

796 Published by Kobia 5月 27,2019

Kobiabath Exposed Pipe Shower System

I do believe everyone is familiar with the shower .The installation method for the shower is mainly divided into two methods: exposed pipe shower system and concealed shower system and the owner can choose according to their own preferences and interior decoration. But what is the exposed pipe shower system? What are the advantages of the exposed pipe shower system and how to install it?


 What is the Exposed Pipe Shower System?

The shower is the type of shower that is used in general households. The control body of the shower, the hand shower, etc. are all installed on the reserved water supply port. The height of the installation is limited by the product itself Limitations.

What is the advantages of  Exposed Pipe Shower System ?

The exposed pipe shower system is usually composed of a shower faucet and a hand shower, and also has a shower faucet and a shower column. The shower is easy to install which just connect the shower faucet to the reserved hot and cold water inlet of the wall. Fasten, fix the shower rod or hold the shower seat and use it. The style is more optional than the concealed shower and the price is cheaper than the installed shower. The disadvantage is that the control body and the water supply hose of the shower are exposed to the outside of the wall.

Wholesales exposed shower system

How to install the Exposed Pipe Shower System?

The installation height of the Exposed Pipe Shower System can be divided into two types according to the type of shower: the mounted lift rod shower is generally defined by the shower surface, and the distance is preferably 2 meters. It should be noted that these data are only average data. When the actual installation of the shower, it should be adjusted according to the user's height. The wall-mounted shower switch is buried in the left and right, and the center spacing should be 150 cm. The wall should be flush with the tile surface. The inner buried pipe should be perpendicular to the wall.

After the shower is installed, it should be with the wall. The face is at a 90 degree angle. In addition, the water pressure adjustment of the shower is also a key: under normal circumstances, the water pressure within 1.5 kg is most suitable for the shower, the water pressure is too large to cause the shower to burst, and the water pressure is too small to be used normally. Well-designed showers ensure that the amount of water dispensed per nozzle is essentially the same, so water must be seen when choosing a shower.

The water saving function is the key point to consider when purchasing a shower. Some showers use a ceramic valve core and are equipped with a regulating water heater to adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of design is more reasonable than the ordinary shower water saving 50%.

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