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Tips To Solve The Flow Problem Of The Shower Kit

866 Published by Kobia 6月 25,2019


  1. Is the user's home water pressure lower than before: if this is the case, you need to find a water company to check the water pipe and pressure.


  1. The pipeline valve connected to the water heater is opened small: the inlet valve is opened.


  1. Due to the high floor occupancy, low water pressure of the water source, and the pressure reduction of the mixing valve, the water output is even smaller: it is recommended to connect with booster pump between hot water supply valve and the water inlet.


  1. The mixing valve is congenitally insufficient, the diameter is small, and the amount of water is reduced by throttling: the inlet end of the detachable mixing valve, the hose is connected to the water supply valve of the water heater, or try to directly connect the nozzle hose to hot water outlet end of the water heater, and check the quality of the mixing valve according to the water output of the nozzle; replace the mixing valve of the formal brand under the premise that the water pressure of the water source is satisfied.


  1. Improper installation, rubber ring deformation, uneven pipe joint or too thin, hose and shower kit do not match, etc: Select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, and replace the rubber ring and re-install.

shower kit

  1. The nozzle is congenitally insufficient, and the internal resistance is large, generating a small amount of water: the nozzle shall be replaced.


  1. The shower hose is broken, the pipe is blocked and the water can not be discharged: The water pipe should be protected during use , and the crease not only affects the appearance, but also the folds are prone to water leakage.


  1. The nozzle is clogged, resulting in poor water flow. Generally, if the water in the home is too alkaline and contains some impurities, it is easy to block the small holes in the shower; in addition, air deposits and dust will enter the inside through the small holes of the shower, and accumulate for a long time. It will block the shower; improper adjustment of the shower head may also lead to an increase in foreign matter scale.


We can rotate and adjust the shower head; after disassembling the nozzle, spray the nozzle to the upper side, find a soft object and gently bump it to shake the blocked sand and the like, and use one for the water spray hole. Clean up, then rinse repeatedly with water, then install and restore. Or go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of descaling agent to remove dirt, remove the shower head. It should be cleaned with descaling agent in water and generally washed with warm water. After rinsing, be sure to scrub the descaling agent left on the shower, and then install the shower head as it is. You can also use the vinegar (rice vinegar) method to immerse the shower kit in the vinegar. Be sure to immerse the small holes in the vinegar. Wait about ten minutes to remove, then rinse off the vinegar left in the shower kit with water, then it is best to put the shower head back on the shower column. If the blockage is very serious, you can also soak the vinegar after boiling, but be careful to use the vinegar for boiling only for metal shower heads. Plastic shower heads should be soaked with cold vinegar.

shower kit

In addition, if your shower head is fixed on the wall, you can't take it and soak it in the vinegar. You can use a plastic bag filled with vinegar to wrap the nozzle, stick it with tape and let it rest for one night. Then take off the bag with vinegar the next morning. But be careful not to stick the tape to the board or paint.

At the same time, pay attention to the use of strong acid when removing scale, so as not to cause corrosion on the shower surface.

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