How to Maintain the Bathroom Shower Kit

798 Published by Kobia 6月 28,2019

In order to make the shower kit smooth, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the shower. What should we do? The follow tips may help you.

(1) The ambient temperature of the shower should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. The high temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower kit and shorten the service life of the shower kit . Therefore, the installation of the shower should be far away from the electric heat source such as Yuba. Therefore, the shower can not be installed directly under the Yuba, and the distance should be above 60CM.

(2) The metal hose of the shower head should be kept in a natural stretch state. Do not coil it on the faucet when not in use. At the same time, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the faucet to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.

(3) Remove the shower in a small basin every six months or less, use the white vinegar to water the shower surface and the inside and soak for 4-6 hours, then gently wipe the shower surface with a cotton rag. At the water outlet, refill the joint and pass the water for a while, until the white vinegar and scale flow out with the water to eliminate or reduce the influence of scale on the shower, and can bring a certain bactericidal effect.

(4) Frequently use a soft cloth to stick a little flour to wipe the surface of the shower, then rinse with water to make the surface of the shower shine as new.

(5) It is best not to disassemble the showers frequently. Improper disassembly may cause damage to the appearance and internal structure of the product.

In short, daily maintenance of the shower, master some common knowledge of the shower failure. It is difficult to encounter the above problems, and you can easily solve them easily.

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