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What is the advantages of freestanding jucuzzi bathtub

847 Published by Kobia 7月 02,2019

The benefits of the freestanding jucuzzi bathtub- spa:

Spa refers to the use of water of different temperatures, pressures and solutes to achieve disease prevention and treatment through temperature stimulation, mechanical stimulation and chemical stimulation. The general spa method is divided into a bath, a jet bath, a whirlpool bath, and a bubble bath. According to the temperature, it can be divided into high temperature water bath, warm water bath, flat temperature water bath and cold water bath. Spa is a kind of physical therapy that promotes body metabolism, promotes heart function, promotes blood circulation, skin bleaching, pore cleansing, body odor removal, and skin cuticle removal.

freestanding jucuzzi bathtub

The benefits of the freestanding jucuzzi bathtub - massage:

The whirlpool is mainly driven by the motor, so that the nozzle on the inner wall of the bathtub ejects the water mixed into the air, causing the circulation of the water, thereby exerting a massage effect on the human body to relax the muscles and prompting the human muscle to release endorphins which cause muscle soreness and fatigue.

freestanding jucuzzi bathtub

The benefits of the freestanding jucuzzi bathtub - cleaning:

Due to the special use of the bathtub, the maintenance and cleaning of the bathtub has become a difficult problem for people. After each use, it is not cleaned up in time, and the residual sewage in the tub pipes and equipment will produce bacteria. The filtered loudness system configured in the jacuzzi can completely avoid this problem. The automatic filtration cycle, ozone disinfection and silver ion purification, the entire jacuzzi is like a small water processor, which can keep the water for 6-12 months. Also, it is clean and environmentally friendly.

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