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What are the Precautions for Installing a Wall-mounted Smart Toilet?

267 Published by Kobia 1月 12,2022

We all know that the  wall mounted smart toilet has many functions, such as automatic induction flushing, automatic cleaning, buttock cleaning, nozzle self-cleaning, seat heating, warm air drying, and automatic deodorization. It makes our life more convenient and healthier. Installing a wall mounted smart toilet does not require horizontal pipe displacement on the ground, and there is no need to worry about the toilet blockage in the future. However, some people still meet some problems when installing a wall-mounted smart toilet. 0Let us know what are the precautions for installing a wall-mounted smart toilet.


1. Reserved wall socket
Smart bidet toilet must use electricity, so make sure to reserve a wall socket in advance, and choose a good location, it shouldn’t put behind the toilet to avoid affecting the installation.


2. Pipeline
When installing, we need to drill holes on the ground and fix them with iron risers. For units with floor heating, be careful not to let the floor heating pipes leak. It is best to fix 2-4 iron risers and red bricks on the wall, which can also play a good supporting role.

In order to facilitate future maintenance, it is recommended that you make a stone countertop on the top of the water tank during construction, so that once the water inlet angle valve needs to be replaced, there is also room for operation. The flush panel designed by the manufacturer is also detachable.


wall mounted smart toilet


3. About size
Before buying, be sure to know the size of the wall mounted smart toilet and the size of your own home. To plan the location of the smart toilet.

Make sure to choose the correct pit spacing. The pit spacing is the distance from the center of the the smart toilet sewage outlet to the wall. This has to be measured well. Now the market is divided into 305 pit spacing and 400mm Roughing in.


4. Load bearing
In terms of load-bearing, the theoretical weight of wall-mounted toilets is more than 400 kilograms, but this is only a static value. It is still necessary to consider the strong man who has more than 200 kilograms at home.


5. Water pressure
Water pressure is a very critical problem. Those smart bidet toilet with a water tank do not have much water pressure requirements. If there is a smart bidet toilet without a water tank, the water pressure should not be too low, otherwise the cleaning force is not enough and cannot be flushed. However, there are also some brands of smart bidet toilets without water pressure restrictions, for example Mazzam's wall mounted smart toilet! There is no water pressure limit, so it is not a big deal even during peak water usage.


Wall mounted Smart Toilet Smart Toilet factory


6. Water quality problems
There may be a phenomenon that the water quality in is not very good in some areas. There are many fine particles such as sediment in the water, which has a great impact on the water, electricity and electrical appliances in the home. Therefore, install as many pre-filters as possible to improve water quality more effectively.



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