2 Person Whirlpool Tub

954 Published by Kobia 7月 22,2019

On Valentine's Day, many couples should start to plan the surprises of the day. Whether you want to have a romantic marriage proposal, or a candlelight dinner with a sense of sight and taste, you always want to have a private time to rest after you are tired. On this day, this time belongs to two people, and the 2 person whirlpool tub just brings another kind of sweetness to your night.

You can also enjoy a massage at home, which is the experience of the Kobiabath 2 person whirlpool tub. The exquisite minimalist style and the design of the luminous light, under the stars, with dark light, seems to play a serenade for the love of two people. The soft massage of the water, wash your fatigue, look at the opposite lover in the steaming water, do you want time to stop here.

At the same time, in order to take care of different spaces, Kobiabath also launched a 2 person whirlpool tub that can be placed in anywhere, and the side-by-side seats make the two people more intimate.

The nozzles and jet massage strength of each part of the 2 person whirlpool bathtub are precisely positioned and fully verified, taking into account the experience of the bather and the actual spa effect, allowing the user to completely relax and relieve stress.

Besides,why the 2 person whirlpool tub is the best ? because Its ergonomically designed semi-tilt angle allows people to circulate blood, while the special curve at the waist makes you feel comfortable and at the center of the bathtub. The water outlet will not make the couple feel uncomfortable; the water flowing from the spout will gently "hit" on your back, waist, legs, and even the acupuncture points of the feet, from the air nozzle The airflow from the jet allows the water in the bathtub to circulate better; the bathtub made of acrylic can keep the water temperature well, even if the water temperature drops, don't worry, not to change the water again, just pick up the electronic hanging from the bathtub. By controlling the water temperature remote control, you can adjust the water temperature as you like. Of course, if you set the water temperature to automatically increase the temperature, the water temperature will remain the same. The more wonderful feeling is that if you turn off the bathroom light, you will find it as water. When it is gradually full, the light placed on the inner wall of the bathtub will automatically light up, and you will find soft light shining on your body, in the fragrant foam, if it is hidden The reflected wave magic curve. At this time, your brain will only be blank, leaving only the joy of extreme enjoyment.

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