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Precautions for Using the Infant Spa Tub

1,089 Published by Kobia 7月 13,2019

The infant spa tub is one of the essential daily necessities for the baby. For the sake of your baby's health, the infant spa tub must be dedicated. Bathing your baby in a baby bath can give your baby a comfortable bath without worrying about the bacteria that the baby will get. So, what problems should we pay attention to when we give our baby a bath?

Infant Spa Tub

1. The water temperature should be controlled between 38-40 °C. If the water temperature is too high, it may hurt the baby.
2. If someone knocks at the door or the phone rings during the bathing process, and you have to open the door or answer the call. We should not let the baby use it without being taken care of.
3. Prepare everything you need before you take a shower.
4. Don't put your baby in when you put water in the tub. Because the water temperature and water height will change during the water release process. If the baby is bigger, the water should not be higher than his neck when taking a bath.
5. Do not use hard objects in the cleaning tub to avoid scratching the basin.
6. Regular cleaning and disinfection. When the baby is taking a bath, baby bath spa tub is sure to clean it before use.

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