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An Integral Part of Your Bathroom

1,041 Published by Kobia 8 月 13,2019

In the morning, when you drag the lazy footsteps to the bathroom and blur the radiance of the faucet's bright outer casing, you unscrew the smooth handle of the faucet, letting the strands of the stock flow in your hand. Pounce on your cheeks, immerse yourself in the feeling of smoothness and coolness, and feel sleepy and full of spirits--the original washable face can be so comfortable! So, the water wakes up the sleeping you, and wash basin faucet opens a new day in your life.

Perhaps, in the past, in your mind, the wash basin faucet is just a small thing that can't be easily used to wash your hands and wash your hands. But now, if you still think like this, it is a big mistake. Don't underestimate the cold and hard things of this small appearance. It is not only an indispensable part of your living room decoration, but also contains a lot of knowledge. Therefore, the selection of basin faucets mixer should also be advanced in specialized classrooms.

1. Picking style

At present, there are many varieties of wash basin faucets on the market, which will make people feel at a loss when they are shopping. In fact, although the basin faucet has a variety of colors, styles, shapes and varieties, it is easy to divide from the two aspects of function and structure, so just figure out where you need to buy the faucet and what structure is needed.

1. Single-handle type: These types of wash basin faucets use the currently popular ceramic valve core as a sealing member, which has the advantages of flexible switch, easy temperature adjustment and long service life.

deck mounted wash basin faucet

2. Basin faucet with 90 degree switch: It is also sealed with ceramic chip. It is based on the traditional double handle. The original rubber seal is sealed by ceramic sheet. When opening and closing, the handle can be rotated 90 degrees. Adjustment, which is characterized by easy opening and more styles

3. The traditional spiral-stabilized rubber-tight wash sink faucet is popular among some citizens because of its large water output, low price and easy maintenance. In addition, some imported faucets also use stainless steel hollow ball seals and stem seals, but also full temperature control, but the price is relatively expensive.

2. "Look at the hearing"

Taps are used frequently and are prone to wear. However, the appearance of the faucet on the market is not much different, and the surface sealing property is good. It is difficult for consumers to see the internal structure of the faucet and the quality of the valve core when purchasing, and it is not easy to open the inspection. So, how can I choose the ideal faucet without opening the faucet spool?

The first measure: look at the appearance. High-quality wash basin faucet with fine processing, good surface finish, close to the mirror effect and no distortion;

The second measure: turn the handle. When the sink faucet handle is turned, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, the opening is easy and unobstructed, and the slip is not slipped, and the gap of the inferior faucet is large, and the resistance is large;

The third measure: listening to the sound. A good wash basin faucet should be a whole cast copper. It sounds dull when knocked. If the sound is very brittle, it is made of stainless steel and the quality is worse than one grade.

The fourth measure: identification mark. Generally, regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, while some informal products or some quality products are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any marks. Be sure to pay attention when purchasing.

3. Long service life

How to properly use and maintain the faucet after purchasing the faucet is a headache and headache for many users. In fact, as long as the installation, use and maintenance are correct, the actual service life of the faucet can be extended, and it can always be kept bright and new.aging the hose.

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