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How to Clean and Maintain Kobia Acrylic Bathtubs?

849 Published by Kobia 5月 04,2018

Acrylic Bathtubs is a durable, versatile option for any bathroom. Cleaning these acrylic bathtubs are very easy. Because they're made of one solid piece of material, acrylic bathtubs retain their color even when the outer coating is damaged. There are no pores for dirt to seep into, so dirt particles wipe right off. The nonporous material repels dirt and enables the use of many different cleaning products including mild soap, bleach and all-purpose cleaner. For sanitary purposes, your acrylic tub should be cleaned occasionally, using a mild, nonabrasive soap. If you spill something on the bathtub, you can use a variety of safe products.


acrylic bathtubs


At the first time, spray the acrylic bathtub with an all-purpose cleaner or bleach spray. If you're working with bleach, open a door or window for ventilation. Then wipe the acrylic tub with a cloth or sponge to remove any dirt or soap scum. Use the scrubbing side of a sponge to clean any tough stains. Lastly rinse the acrylic tub with clean water. And dry it with a towel to prevent water spots.


Pay much attention to do not use abrasive products, paint thinner, acetone, nail polish remover or lacquer thinner. These products contain chemicals that eat through plastics, including acrylics, and will ruin the finish of your tub. There is no way to repair the damage caused by using the wrong kind of chemical cleaner on an acrylic tub. If you have a warranty that came with your bathtub, using these products on your tub will void the warranty.


For regular cleaning and maintenance of an acrylic bathtub, all that is needed is a cleaning sponge or rag, some water and a nonabrasive soap or cleaning product. Recommended cleaning products are usually liquid dishwashing detergents. If there is a spill on the bathtub, a little stronger product is recommended. In these cases, it may be better to use a degreaser, window cleaner or bleach-based product. There are also eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe to use on acrylic bathtubs



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