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How to Choose a Good Concealed Shower Mixer Set?

824 Published by Kobia 5月 16,2019

What is a concealed shower mixer set?  The so-called concealed shower mixer set means that the components of the shower are installed in the wall to ensure a high aesthetic. So how to choose a good concealed shower mixer set? Let's take a look at the four tips bellow.

1. Seeing the hand and touching the judgment is good or bad: When selecting the shower, you must first switch the handle a few times to see if the hand feels delicate and elastic. It is too loose and too tight. The smoothness of the surface is also one of the highlights. The better the surface treatment, the smoother and brighter the surface, the better the process, and the indirect quality.

Concealed Shower Mixer Set2. To avoid trachoma and cracks: trachoma is the surface and interior of the brass material in the casting process of small holes and cracks, if there is trachoma, water will seep after water, severe fractures will occur.

shower mixer valve3. The quality and life of the shower mixer valve is the key: the shower mixer valve core is the most important part but the naked eye can not see.The data shows that the qualified valve core can be switched 500,000 times, the defective product can not reach this strength, easy to leak, please merchant Issue relevant certificates and ask the actual situation.

bar mixer shower

4. Seeing the water-saving function: water-saving function is the key to consider when purchasing a concealed shower mixer set. Some showers use a steel ball valve core and are equipped with a regulating water heater to adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of design is more reasonable than the ordinary shower water saving 50%.

bar mixer shower

The concealed shower mixer set a kind of shower installed inside the wall, so it is troublesome to install and repair. If some internal parts are damaged, it is more difficult to handle the leak. Therefore, in addition to good maintenance, choosing a hidden shower should pay more attention to the quality.


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