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Hand in Hand Fight Against Coronavirus!

666 Published by Kobia 4月 22,2020

The coronavirus, as you may have heard, is wreaking illness and death among humans (and apparently even showing up in tigers and lions, too). For something that is arguably not even alive, this thing is quite adept at reproducing itself, with a little help from the cells in your body. Here's a quick review of what we know:

This new coronavirus (technically, SARS-COV-2) is very infectious.

Sneezing and coughing can send droplets across room.

Just breathing also puts droplets into the air when you exhale, but they don't go as far.

Large droplets can transmit the virus from one person to another through the air or when they land on a surface that is later touched by another person.

Small droplets can float around in the air for an extended period of time (hours? days?) and be breathed deep into the lungs.

If you're breathing air without any kind of mask, you're likely to breathe in droplets from other people when you're not alone. You're also likely to put droplets into the air that others could breathe. All it takes is one person infected person in a room to spread the coronavirus to others through those droplets.

KN95 for Coronavirus use

For the health of your family, friends, even strangers,it is really necessary to go out and wear a mask!

When it comes to masks, you have three basic options. You can use:

Homemade mask

Surgical mask

N95/KN95 mask

KN95 for Coronavirus use

Nowaday, the epidemic situation in China is now under control, and production at KOBIA has now been resumed.
But the battle has not yet been won in other parts of the world and our foreign customers are currently being tested by the epidemic situation.We are aware that preventative tools are currently in short supply. KOBIA wishes to extend help by providing customers with a large number of anti-epidemic face masks. Together, we will defeat this epidemic. Stay safe!

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