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What Is The Best Material to Use For A Bathroom Sink?

572 Published by Kobia 3月 29,2021

There are glass basin, vitrified ceramic sink, resin bathroom basin, and stainless steel bathroom sink in the market, how can I choose the best one for my sweet bathroom?


1. Glass basin is the simple and artistic. But it’s too fragile and dangerous during using.


2. Vitrified ceramic basin is traditional and classical; it’s so sensitive to be scratched. But it’s easy to be distorted, especial the edge. The uneven density and elongation of the ceramic billet cause drying shrinkage to be hindered.


3. Stainless steel bathroom sink, they are much flexible in length, the edge is extreme straightly even at 3000mm. The color can be shining gold, gun grey, black, brushed gold, nickel etc. It’s popular by designers. There are Floor Standing Column Basin, Bathroom Trough Sink, Metal Vessel Sink. The stainless steel material can be life-long use, and look like new after years.


Floor standing column basin Floor standing column basin

Floor standing column basin


above counter basin Metal Vessel Sink

Stainless steel above counter basin


Bathroom Trough Sink Bathroom Trough Sink

Bathroom Trough Sink

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