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KOBIA Solid Brass Concealed Shower Set

927 Published by Kobia 12 月 09,2019

Speaking of showers, I am sure that everyone is familiar. For many people, the happy time that can't be beaten every day is to relax and massage under the shower when you take a shower, and a good shower is to maintain this happiness.

concealed shower set

The more common installation method of the shower is the surface mounted, also called wall-mounted type, which is to install the shower directly on the wall. It is characterized in that the water control main body and the hand-held shower are all installed in the wall. Nowadays, in order to make the bathroom achieve a beautiful effect, many families will choose the more popular concealed shower set. By pre-burying the water supply pipe of the shower in the bathroom wall, only the shower head and switch are exposed. Outside, its characteristic control unit (spool) needs to be buried in the wall and connected with the hot and cold inlet pipe. The outlet pipe that supplies the shower water is also connected in the wall to achieve the effect of flat decoration.

concealed shower set

KOBIA concealed shower set is fine in the core, simple in shape, back to the original, while saving bathroom space, the entire bathroom is more simple and beautiful, thus improving the bathroom decoration grade. It has the following advantages:

1. The main body of the concealed shower set is made of solid brass, the inner side is smooth, it is not easy to precipitate impurities, and the water volume of the pipe is consistent, so that the “core” tube is homogenous and the “core” tube is the same. The service life of the concealed shower set has been greatly increased, and it takes 50 years.

2, Using the hot melt welding connection method, the bathroom and the pipe are melted into one, the bathroom is the pipe, the pipe is the bathroom, which fundamentally solves the problem of bathroom leakage.

3, Users can freely replace or upgrade the top spray shower, hand shower, cover and handle according to their own experience and preferences.

4, High with Germany imported ceramic valve core, withstand more than 500,000 switches can still operate smoothly and labor-saving, durable and no water leakage.

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