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Canada Apartment Concealed Shower Sets and LED Basin Mixers

650 Published by Kobia 5月 09,2020

Kory from Canada is a landlord with several apartments. After the apartments were completed, he needed to buy  concealed shower sets and LED basin mixers for his apartments' interior decoration, and some old apartments need to be renovated every 3 months . After browsing many websites, the style and price of Kobia faucet mixers attracted his attention.

led basin mixers

At the beginning, Kory told us that his house were for rent, so he wanted to find economical products. Therefore, I recommend these LED basin mixers and concealed shower sets that meet his requirements. In addition, we showed him the use and effect of the faucet mixers through video, Kory payed the order with satisfied.

led basin mixers

In December 2019, he has completed the installation of the concealed shower sets and led basin mixers in the apartments.

We are happy to work with Kory because he is easy going. This this is our third collaboration in this years, he bought the same design LED basin mixers and concealed shower sets for his house. Our products have received very good feedback.

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