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Little Lulu Baby Spa in Indonesia

614 Published by Kobia 3月 19,2020

Customer contacted us in September 12th,2019 to inquire KOBIA massage baby spa pool, he was intends to open a spa for a local baby and would like more details about the massage baby spa pool. We were very happy to receive this information because we can help other customers to start their business and let the babies enjoy bathing, spa and relaxation. We talked a lot about product details, finally, it took him one week to confirm the order. Everything was going well.

massage baby spa pool

At the beginning, customer was paid attention to the quality of our massage baby spa pool. Therefore, we updated the production pictures and video of testing water to customers once a week during production process. He was satisfied about it. In addition to the bathtub, he also bought a series of baby spa matching ware from us, such as floaties, baby swimming trunks, multifunctional baby stand, ect.

massage baby spa pool

After two month, the customer was glad to receive these massage baby spa pool. In order to let him had a better use of the bathtub , we also sent online instruction videos to him.

massage baby spa pool

He opened the store in January,2020 and share some pictures to us, what a beautiful baby spa we saw! At the same time, his clients were satisfied with the massage baby spa pool and babies are excited in it. So he told us that he want to be our distributor in Indonesia. This is a good news between us, KOBIA team are glad to cooperate with him and hope to provide him more services.

Date: Mar 19th, 2020
Published By: KOBIA Team (COBUILD Group)
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