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Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub Manufacturer, Wholesale Baby Jacuzzi Bathtub, Yellow k-531B

43 inch freestanding acrylic baby spa tub wholesale with bubbling spa ,soft waterfall therapy and shower. Silky, embossed Feel.

Product Specification:

  • Art No:k-531B
  • Material:Acrylic,fiberglass
  • Size:1100*850*840mm
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Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub Manufacturer, Wholesale Baby Jacuzzi Bathtub k-531

infant bath tub


Model K-531B
Type Indoor infant baby spa bath tub
Material Acrylic & fiberglass
Dimension 1100*850*840 mm
Packing size 1160*910*1050 mm
Water capacity 340L
Net weight 100kg
Gross weight 108kg
Container load (pcs/ctn) 21pcs/20ft; 42pcs/40ft
Shape Rectangle
Inner acrylic color White
Outer acrylic color Yellow
Frequency 50/60Hz
Electric Voltage Customized
Drainer Center copper pop-up drainer
Application Indoor massage bathtub
Massage Type Combo Massage (Air & Whirlpool)
Feature Clear tempered glass window (the glass embedded into the tub with silicon sealant, water leakage prevention)
Basic Function 1.Hot/cold water conversion(1set)

2.Handle-control drainer(1pc)

3.Soft waterfall therapy(1pc)

Options 1.Digital control display(1pc)

2.Air jets with led lights(4pcs)

3.Hydro-massage jets(6pcs)

4.Thermostatic Heater(1set)

5.Ozone sterilization system(1set)

6.Functional hand shower(1pc)

7.Water circulator(1set)

 Warranty 1) massage bathtub body 5 years
2) water pump 1 year
3) accessories 1 year
Superiority 1.Easy to shape: mold production and modeling diversified, malleable, and can be personalized requirements of tailor-made.

2.Environmental health: using natural materials, scientific formula, strict operating,nontoxic, non-radiation, can be recycled, a new generation of environmentally friendly materials.

3.Long life: easy maintain, seamless, water absorption as low as 0.04%, long service life.


Clean and pamper your baby with Kobiabath Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub, bubbling spa in a luxurious spa experience at home. With a calming massaging bubbles, keeping your little one entertained and soothed during bath time has never been easier! The thermostat function can be added to the baby spa tub.

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

kobia baby spa


This rectangular freestanding baby spa tub wholesale is made from acrylic and is reinforced with fiberglass for a durable finish that will not stain or fade. It also has a center drain and includes the waste and overflow for a convenient and easy installation process.

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub


The ergonomic shower handle of Baby Spa Tub Wholesale is easy to hold and use with the simple touch of an on/off button.The shower unit produces a gentle flow of water to shower your little one making it easy to wash their body.

Baby Spa Tub Wholesale

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub


Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub


  1. Function option: Whirlpool, air bubble, Led color lamp
  2. Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub Manufacturer, Wholesale Baby Jacuzzi Bathtub
  3. Silky, embossed Feel
  4. High quality cast acrylic grade A
  5. Easy-to-clean, gloss finish (White)
  6. Adjustable heavy duty leveling legs support the stainless steel frame.


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kobia baby spa Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

kobia baby spa

baby wellness

Baby Spa Case

1 year baby bath tub

baby shower tub

bath bowl for baby

Infant Baby Spa Bath Tub

Baby Spa Tub Wholesale

Baby spa tub

1 year baby bath tub

Q : Is it possible ton visit kobia factory? Can your factory arrange transport for me?
A:Sure,we warmly welcome you to visit us.It is about 1.5 hours’ drive away from Guangzhou.We can arrange our driver to pick you up in Guangzhou airport.


Q: In which countries in the world did you sell your baby spa tub ?
A:  Our baby spa tub wholesale have been sold to Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Singapore, ect.


Q: Is your CE marking printed on the product? If yes where?
A: YES, on the pump as showed on the picture.


Q : How do I clean the infant baby spa bath tub?
A : It depends on the type of tub you have. For example, cleaning the innards of a bathutb is as simple as adding automatic dishwashing soap and a cup of bleach to a running system for 15 minutes, draining, and then running the system again for another 15 minutes.


Q:What’s the general payment terms?
A:30% deposit  down paid and 70% paid before the shipment


Q : Can you arrange the shipping?
A: Of course, we have regular forwarder to arrange shipping by sea or air.


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