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Shower Door Suppliers Trackless Barn Door Swing Shower Glass

Product Specification:

  • Model:H5D21
  • Category:Hinged Shower Door
  • Material:Shower Glass+Stainless Steel Hardware
  • :
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 Shower Door Suppliers Trackless Barn Door Swing Shower Glass

The Sliver Shower enclosure by KOBIA providing an outstanding swing shower door. KOBIA's exclusive hardware structure from high-quality stainless steel and solid brass hardware, This shower door made from thick tempered glass that offer walk in shower for any bathroom space. Its particular hinged system and rectangular door L shape handle,ensuring seamless large walk in shower.

Silver Shower Enclosure Swing Door

Quadrant bathroom shower enclosure with double side L shape shower handle

  1. FRAMLESS HINGED SYSTEM: Exclusive sliding mechanism feature 3/8 of built-in adjustability accommodates walls that may shift over time.

  2. CUSTOMIZED-SIZED SERVICE: 8mm,10mm,safety tempered glass panels with flexible length supports customizable left or right installation.

  3. SMART FLAP CLICK MECHANISM: The structural rail has 13 mm of conceal adaptability.

  4. SAFETY GLASS: Constructed with 3C-certified tempered glass.

     5. PLATED FINISH CONSISTENCY : All Kobia Shower Metal using a time-tested process are plated that maintain the shower door shine.

    6.EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: moderately DIY skill for easy install with guider and shower parts.

    7.DOUBLE END HANDLE: Practical door handle assists in seamless shower in and out.

    8.LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE: All Kobia shower doors and shower enclosures with a quality assured warranty.

Available Option:Sliding shower door,Pivot shower door,Hinged shower door,Fixed shower doors

Related Style:Shower System,Shower Mixer Fitting

 shower door suppliers 800 x 800 shower enclosure small shower cubicle Product Details:

Silver Barn shower door

Shower Door Suppliers of Trackless Barn Door Swing  Custom Glass Shower Screen Panel

trackless shower door

 French Corner Shower Unit Silver Shower Enclosure with retractable rail hinged clik

shower bar

 shower enclosure bath glass panel with thick temper safe glass

shower flap hinged

Quadrant bathroom shower enclosure for sale shower door suppliers

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