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Do You Want to Know the Secrets of Massage Bath?

862 Published by Kobia 9月 20,2018

Do You Want to Know the Secrets of Massage Bath?

In the cold winter, soak in the hot tub, is a very comfortable thing, but massage bath is also a matter of note oh, if not pay attention will cause bad effect. Of course, proper use is of great benefit to the human body.

What are the benefits of massage Bath?

1. Promote blood circulation when you enter the bathtub, you can feel the inner core of the body gradually warming up soon.

This is due to the heating of the water temperature to stimulate the body inside itself, the "body cycle constant" function to play a role to maintain the stability of the body environment. The same principle, when the body enters the water above the body temperature, the bodily function will cause the subcutaneous blood vessel to dilate the blood circulation to accelerate, but the body core blood moves to the surface to release the body heat. The result is an effective way to promote blood circulation. 

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2. Promote sweating toxins healthy skin is not as good as sauna, while running a bath will also be a lot of perspiration.

This, as well as the process of promoting blood circulation, is also the heating effect of hot water. After the subcutaneous blood vessel expands the body internal heat although wants to expel the body outside, can the hot water temperature and the city temperature are higher than the body temperature, thus the surface temperature is heated externally, then circulation to the body thus causes the body temperature to further raise. So the body will sweat to reduce body temperature, then sweat together with the waste in the body and the rubbish in the pores is completely discharged, so as to play a cosmetic role in the skin.

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3. Relax when your body enters the bathtub completely, the body's displacement makes weight lighter.

This is the famous Archimedes theorem. If you soak your body in a massage bath tub and let the water flood to your neck, the weight of your body will become about one-tenth of your weight. If you lose the weight of the head below the neck weight is only 4-5 kilograms, the body from the weight of the pressure to free up to relieve muscle tension relaxation effect. When soaked in hot water of about 37-39 degrees, the parasympathetic nerves of the human self-discipline will play a major role.

4. Full Body massage moderate pressure helps to eliminate fatigue even if your bathtub is not with a water massage, there are also massage effects.

The principle is ' hydrostatic pressure '. When the hot water does not reach the shoulder, the body pressure will reach about 500 kilograms. It is a surprising fact that the belly with no bone support is under water pressure and the waistline is reduced by about 3 centimeters.
In addition, close to the surface of the vein will also bear the corresponding pressure, water pressure with the water depth and strengthen, easy to stay in the lower body of the venous blood under water pressure will return to the heart, thereby reducing the body caused by standing the swelling effect.

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